We don’t require registration for our products. You only need to retain your proof of purchase (sales receipt) in case you need parts under warranty.

The model number is located under the cooking plate, on the right or left-hand side.

1 year for proper functioning.
5 years on the burners and valves.
Lifetime on the cooking plate with the exception of scratches and traces due to use.

Our products are delivered with LP Gas & Natural Gas orifices, you will find both in the same box with the instruction manual.
To replace the orifices, please refer to the instruction manual included (page 6 & 7) or on our website in the Documents section.

Installing the lid is quick & easy, you will find a full Installation Guide on our website in the Documents section.

If the burner doesn’t stay alight, you need to verify the thermocouple, please refer to our website in the Documents section.

If the igniter is malfunctioning, please refer to the guide on our website in the Documents section.

The cut out dimensions depend on the model purchased. You can find all the required information on these dimensions on our website in the Documents section.

You can clean the Griddle plate with ice cubes and a scotch brite pad. View our dedicated video on our website in the Videos section.

There is no seasoning operation necessary, Le Griddle is a complete product in stainless steel 304 so there will be no rust even if you keep it outside.

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